Clark G. Thornton

As told by members of his family

Born: Dec 10, 1926 – Minersville, Utah
Died: Oct 30, 2008 – Salt Lake City, Utah
Father: Grant G. Thornton – Parowan, Utah
Mother: Ethel Eyre – Minersville, Utah

Clark's Ancestors on both sides came from England to the United States to be a part of the LDS Church.  They were all hardworking people and they made many sacrifices, including loss of lives for their religious beliefs.  They paved the way for their heritage. Clark was very grateful for what they did and loved reading their histories.  He also liked to study the church histories, documentaries, the Bible, Book of Mormon and many good books.

When Clark was about 6 years old his family moved to Salt Lake City.  It was about 1932, during the depression.  It was very hard times for everyone especially those with growing families.  Clark was the oldest of 5 children, the only boy, with four younger sisters, whom he loved very much.

Clark 4 yrs & his sister Norma 3 yrs

Clark always said he had a fun childhood despite all the accidents and illnesses he had.  He had a near death experience when he was 8 years old, he never forgot it.  He knew the Lord had helped him through it and that he had many other things to do here on earth.  Not long after this Clark was baptized into the LDS Church.  By the time he was a teenager he was a teacher.

Clark when he first enlisted in the Navy

When he was 17 ½ years old, rather than be drafted into the army during the 2nd world war he chose to join that Navy.  He was glad to be able to serve his country.  However, he had many more near death experiences, not only through battles, but from the sea itself.  They went through dangerous typhoons where many ships were swallowed up by the sea.  Their sister ship carrying 5000 men was one of them.  Clark and all the men on his ship were devastated.  He was given many responsible and important jobs and was proud that they trusted him to do them.  He learned things in the service that would last him a lifetime.  Clark joined the Navy Feb 29, 1944 and was released in May of 1946, with an Honorable Discharge.

Clark married shortly after he got home.  He worked at many different jobs, he had many talents and abilities and he wasn’t afraid to tackle anything.

In 1951, through unusual circumstances he and his wife were introduced to some members of DCCS.  Eventually Clark started working with them.  This turned out to be a long-term relationship and he and his family became members.  Through associations and studies, it became a lifetime goal.  He was a good loyal member and loved the people very dearly.  He had the opportunity to learn many new things.  What he didn’t know how to do he would go to someone who knew how to do it.  He was always willing to share whatever knowledge he had with the young and old alike.

Clark had two loving and supportive wives and 13 children, many grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  He loved his family so much and loved family parties and outings.  Clark loved nature, camping, fishing, swimming, skating, dancing and all kinds of gatherings and parties.  He was fun loving and put forth a lot of effort to help his children to have experiences doing all the things he loved.

Clark working at the Dragerton department store

In 1959, Clark went to work in Dragerton, Utah for close to a year while his family stayed in Salt Lake.  The DCCS bought a department store down there and he was chosen as one of the people to go there and get it established.  Almost a year later his family moved there too.  They were there about 9 years total.  It was a great experience for them all.  While living in Dragerton, he took flying lessons and learned to fly small aircraft's.   He had his Pilot license for 15 years and he thoroughly enjoyed flying until he had a serious car accident, and some heart problems which rendered him unable to renew his pilot's license.  

In June of 1968, Clark and his whole family moved back to Salt Lake City. After moving to Salt Lake, many of his jobs took him out of town, but Clark always did what was needed to be done at any given time.  He had many different work opportunities and so did his family.

Clark’s love of life and his determination to be here kept him alive for many years.  He went through many challenges and kept on fighting!  He wanted to be on this Earth as long as he could.  He is missed very much by his family, but they feel he is still watching over them and helping when he can.

Clark's 80th Birthday Party

He lived a good long life, and passed away shortly before his 82nd birthday, He made quite an impact on many people while he was here.

Clark’s full history goes into more detail about his life and experiences.

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