What is the Davis County Cooperative Society?

When was the DCCS founded?

What are "Numbered Men"?

Why do members often refer to the Co-op as "The Order"?

When did the DCCS founders split from the Woolley group?

Did the DCCS break off of an existing group, church or religion?

What is the Latter Day Church of Christ?

What is the difference between the Davis County Cooperative Society (DCCS) and the Latter Day Church of Christ (LDCC)?

Is the DCCS or the LDCC affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, LDS or mainstream Mormon Church?

What is the reason or source of Co-op member's involvement in so many different industries?  How have they been able to do this?

Do Co-op leaders direct the day-to-day operations of DCCS member’s businesses?

Does the DCCS believe in “bleeding the beast” or does the DCCS encourage fraud?

Where does the term “bleeding the beast” come from?

Is the DCCS affiliated with the FLDS or Warren Jeffs?

What is the DCCS stance on marriage, lifestyle & polygamy?

Do Co-op members practice polygamy?



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