What is the Davis County Cooperative Society?

When was the DCCS founded?

Why do members often refer to the Co-op as "the Order"?

What tactics do media and press typically use to discriminate and suppress marginalized groups like plural families?


Do both women and men have professional and educational opportunities in the Co-op?

When did the DCCS founders split from the Woolley group?

Did the DCCS break off of an existing group, church or religion?

What is the Latter Day Church of Christ?

What is the difference between the Davis County Cooperative Society (DCCS) and the Latter Day Church of Christ (LDCC)?

Is the DCCS or the LDCC affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, LDS or mainstream Mormon Church?

Is the DCCS a Fundamentalist Mormon organization?

What is the reason or source of Co-op member's involvement in so many different industries?  How have they been able to do this?

Does the DCCS distrust hospitals or the medical profession?

Do Co-op leaders direct the day-to-day operations of DCCS member’s businesses?

What is the DCCS stance on fraud, abuse and crime?

Does the DCCS believe in “bleeding the beast” or does the DCCS encourage fraud?

Where does the term “bleeding the beast” come from?

Why do media and non-members sometimes refer to the DCCS as the 'Kingston Clan', 'Kingston Polygamous Group' or 'Kingston Cult'?

Is the DCCS affiliated with the FLDS or Warren Jeffs?

What is the DCCS stance on marriage, lifestyle & polygamy?

Do Co-op members practice polygamy?

What are the DCCS teachings regarding Race & Heritage?

What are "Numbered Men"?

What does the DCCS believe about the end of the world?  The second coming of Christ?  Coming wars or destructions?  The White Horse Prophecy?

Why are some members left to live in poor conditions while others live opulent lifestyles?  What is the reason for this disparity?

Do DCCS member's businesses pay employees in "credits" or "slips" instead of cash or US dollars?

Does the DCCS have an internal banking system?

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