Articles Of Incorporation (1941)

A. It is the purpose of the Corporation to establish the long looked-for ideal condition known as the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have others do unto you). B. To abolish war and bloodshed of all kinds........

DCCS Articles of Belief (Published 1941)

1. We believe in God, but realize that this is not a necessary qualification in order to cooperate as brothers and sisters. 2. We believe in government and appreciate our government and the opportunity of living under the protection of the same; that all people should ......

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Self-sustaining, Self-perpetuating

DCCS membes are strongly encouraged to know their heritage and the current beliefs and policies of the DCCS to be self-sustaining by their own labors. To contribute to their neighborhoods, their communities, their state and this great Nation that we live in!

Marriage, Lifestyle & Age of Consent

We believe personal relationship between consenting parties should not be regulated by the State so long as they are free of coercion or evasion and are entered into by the free agency of both parties.

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