The Davis County Cooperative Society (DCCS) is an economic cooperative based on the belief in God, Country, Stewardship, Cooperation and Hard work.  It was founded during the heart of the Great Depression where its founders sought to establish the long looked-for ideal condition known as the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have others do unto you).

We Believe in God

The Golden Rule

Free Agency, Right to Choose

Respect for our Neighbors

Love of our Country

Dignity of our Citizens & Right to Exist

Advancing a Condition of Peace

We Look Toward a Future of Prosperity

Productivity, Create a Surplus, Produce More than You Consume


Cooperation & United Order

Industry & Employment

We Believe in a Well-Educated Population

Honesty, Integrity, Trust & Credibility

Religion & Morality

Marriage, Lifestyle & Age of Consent

Race & Heritage

Equality of Opportunity


Health & Safety

Service to Our Communities

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The views expressed are the opinion of the individual contributors and are not necessarily the official position of the Davis County Cooperative Society, DCCSOCIETY.ORG NEWS LLC or its owners.