Ethel Gustafson Kingston

June 27, 1911 to August 19, 1992

Sister Ethel M Gustafson Kingston was born June 27, 1911 in Sandy, Utah to Carl Axel and Anna Gustafson. She was the sister of Clyde Roland Gustafson.

Ethel & Elden Kingston, wedding photo, ca. 1931

Ethel married Charles Elden Kingston May 29, 1931 on the top of the highest peak in the mountains East of Bountiful, Utah.

On January 01, 1935 together with her husband Elden Kingston, sister wife Afton Brown, and infant son Leon, they founded the Davis County Cooperative Society.

Ethel had 7 children; 2 sons, Leon and Carl and 5 daughters, Eldean, Janiel, Myrna, Grace and Carolyn.

She cared for her husband and love of her life, Elden during his cancer in the last years of his life. Elden passed away July 8, 1948 when Ethel was only 37.

She worked at the Co-op Department Store in Bountiful, UT for many years in the shoe department and dry goods, as well as helping her brother Clyde in shoe repair. She hosted many parties on Saturday nights at her home for the young people of the Co-op. Her home was always open for anyone that needed help or just needed a "pick-me-up", or something to eat. It seemed she always had a full house.

Many of the young people who worked at the Co-op Department Store boarded at her home over the years. Sister Ethel often prepared and delivered meals for those who were sick, had a baby, or who had a family member pass away.

Ethel's daughter Janiel states, "Everyone loved mom. She was a part of everyone's life. She never complained and was always willing and glad to help anyone she could."

Ethel passed away August 19, 1992 at the age of 81.

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