Miles P. Frandsen

January 29th, 1923 to May 14th, 1945

Brother Miles Frandsen joined the Co-op at the age of 12 with his father Brother Perry and mother Sister Lapreal Frandsen on June 8th, 1935.

Tents in the background, DCCS home place, Bountiful, Utah, circa Winter, 1935

When they arrived in Bountiful, Utah, there was a big canvas tent waiting for their family to move into.  There were three big tents in a row for three different families to have a place to live.  It was summer time and the tents had dirt floors just like camping out, except they were large enough to put furniture inside.

Just after his 15th birthday, Miles and his good friend Merlin Kingston learned to drive coal trucks.  They were careful drivers and they always prayed for protection.  They made trips through the dangerous canyons from the mine to Salt Lake.  Sometimes they lost a lot of sleep but they knew the Co-op needed the money they were earning by driving the route and they were happy to be working together.

After a few years driving truck, Miles was able to work with his father Perry on the farm in Wyoming.  Miles converted an old car into a farm tractor to make the work easier for his father.

In 1945, Miles received a draft notice and joined the United States Marines.  Merlin was also drafted and both men received blessings before heading off to war.  Miles was killed fighting with Allied forces in the Battle of Okinawa against Japan.

Upon his death, Brother Elden expressed his gratitude for Miles' service to our country, his family and the Co-op and for his ultimate sacrifice in the protection of freedom.

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