April 2022 Service Projects

April 30, 2022

The Service Project's Group had five projects running throughout April.

For the first weekend of April, our administrators were able to conduct 2 service projects simultaneously.

April 2nd; Home Remodel for Young Couple

For the first service project, a handful of volunteers worked together to install sheetrock at the home of a young family.

15 Volunteer Hours Logged!

April 2nd; Fencing at the Ranch

For the 2nd project, volunteers installed fencing at the ranch of one of our members. Thank you to everyone who was able to make the drive out there!

44 Volunteer Hours Logged!

April 23rd; Landscaping for Senior Mother

This week, tree removal and canal landscaping was done for one of our dear senior mothers in need.

36 Volunteer Hours Logged!

To close out the month of April, Service Project Administrators once again managed two projects on the same day.

April 30th; New Roof!

At the first location, volunteers worked together to prepare a roof for a new coat of shingles.

Another 33 Volunteer hours logged!

April 30th; New Walls!

At the 2nd location, volunteers worked together to install insulation and sheetrock inside a garage.

24 More hours completed!

To close out the month, Service Projects Administrators released this message:

Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who continue to spend their time in service to make each project a success!

April was a very good month for the Service Projects Group with a total of 152 service hours logged by the community! Great job everyone!

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