August 2022 Service Projects

August 31, 2022

Volunteer projects were running for three weekends throughout August:

August 6th; Neighborhood Clean-up

For the first service project, volunteers worked together to trim weeds along fences and sidewalks throughout the neighborhood. The residents provided a big lunch afterwards to show their appreciation.

104 Volunteer hours completed

August 13th; Attic Subflooring for Mother of 12

This was part two of a project that began in June 2022. Volunteers returned to the home of one of our dear mothers and completed subflooring in her attic.

27 Volunteer hours logged

August 27th; Summer Yard Checklist

Volunteers finished the month with a big service project at the home of one of our dear families. They repaired and moved a shed while also removing the tree that damaged it.

51 Volunteer hours logged

Another successful month! Overall a total of 182 volunteer hours logged within the community by the Service Projects Group.

Thank you to all of our volunteers!!!

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