February 2022 Service Projects

February 28, 2022

The Service Project's Group had three projects running during February.

February 5th; Home Remodel for Mother of 3

After a long break from the monthly service projects, our young men were eager to get the group up and running again.

For the first week of February, they completed the first steps of a remodel for a young family. The couple was amazed at how much they did in just a few hours.

84 Volunteer hours logged!

February 12; Home Repairs, Inside & Out

This week, volunteers worked to complete a number of home repairs for one of our dear mothers.

Projects included:

  • Installing and framing sheetrock
  • Mudding, sanding and priming for paint
  • Installing plank flooring on cement floor
  • Caulk installation
  • Tree Trimming

48 Volunteer hours completed!

February 26th; Home Remodel for Mother of 3, Part 2

For the last week of February, volunteers returned to the home of the first service project this month to install insulation and sheetrock.

42 More hours completed!

A great month for the Service Projects Group! February had 174 volunteer hours logged by our community! We're happy to be back!

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