July 2019 Service Projects

July 31, 2019

Volunteer projects ran for 4 weekends throughout July.

July 6th; Installation of Kitchen Cabinets

This week, volunteers helped a family install some new kitchen cabinets in their home.

15 Volunteer hours completed

July 13th; Tree Removal for Elderly Couple

Volunteers helped remove 4 trees that were dying out in the back yard of one of our members.

45 Volunteer hours completed!

July 20th; Yard Maintenance

Today, volunteers worked on a number of projects for one of our member's yard.

Projects included:

  • Clearing weeds around the shed
  • Weeding flowerbeds
  • Trimming bushes near the home stairs
  • Patching shingles on shed roof
  • Trimming bushes on the side of the house

36 Volunteer hours completed!

July 27th; Home Improvements

Volunteers came and helped a couple with a few home improvements. These included replacing damaged sheet-rock and a new paint job.

27 Volunteer hours completed!

Another awesome month!! Overall we totaled 123 volunteer hours by the Service Projects Group. Everyone keep up the good work!!

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