July 2020 Service Projects

July 31, 2020

The Service Project's Group had four projects running throughout July.

July 11; Summer Cleaning for Elderly Couple

An elderly couple with a large property needed help doing their annual summer cleanup.

Volunteers came to help with:

  • Cleaning and weeding the fence line
  • Pruning and sawing trees
  • Cleaning sidewalk and gutter around property
  • General yard cleanup

102 Volunteer hours logged!

July 11; Planting Grass Seed

A 2nd crew of volunteers met at another elderly woman's house to help plant grass seed in her back yard.

16 volunteer hours logged!

July 18; Yard Project for Family of Seven

Volunteers came to help one of our members finish a yard project they had been working on throughout the summer.

Included in the project were:

  • Cutting down a large portion of a tree
  • Cleaning out brush / shrubs from alleyways
  • General summer cleanup

72 Volunteer hours logged!

July 25; Home Remodel for family

Volunteers met with one of our families to do a home remodel both inside and out.

Volunteers helped to:

  • Remove old furniture from home
  • Remove a large apricot tree
  • Till the yard and slope it away from the house
  • Remove a small mulberry tree
  • Rip out carpet from the home's upper floor

129 Volunteer hours logged!

We appreciate the time and effort everyone put forth for the service projects this month. July saw a total of 319 volunteer hours logged by the community!

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