June 2019 Service Projects

June 30, 2019

We had four volunteer projects running throughout the month of June.

June 1st; Fence Repairs and Tree Removal

Volunteers provided assistance to a specialist who helped a family remove a tree that was growing into their patio. They also repaired some of the damage done by the tree.

54 Volunteer hours completed!

June 8th; Home Improvements for Large Family

This week, volunteers went back to a home they had previously worked on to help the members living there complete several large projects.

Volunteers helped the family do general yard work and clean up while also working on painting, cabinet installation, carpet replacement and some roof patching.

90 Volunteer hours completed!

June 8th; Moving Family

A few of our wonderful volunteers spent this weekend helping a family of eight move houses.

21 Volunteer hours completed by this group.

June 29th; Yard Maintenance

This week, volunteers met at one of our elderly member's homes, helping them out with plant overgrowth and general yard maintenance.

51 Volunteer hours completed!

The summer months are when we're able to complete our biggest outdoor projects and this month was no exception! Overall a total of 216 volunteer hours were logged within the community by the Service Projects Group!

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