June 2020 Service Projects

June 30, 2020

The Service Project's Group had four projects running throughout the month of June.

June 6; Back Yard Remodel

Volunteers met at one of our member's homes to help them remodel a section of their back yard.

They helped the homeowners take down an old shed and build a new door into the basement.

64 Volunteer hours logged!

June 13; Summer Cleaning

This weekend saw two different projects running simultaneously.

For the first project, volunteers met to do a number of outdoor jobs at a member's home including:

  • Cutting dead tree branches
  • Trimming & cutting new tree growth around the edge of yard
  • Fixing dog run face
  • Teal ground in dog run
  • Mowing and weed trimming
  • Moving playground equipment

66 Volunteer hours logged!

June 13; 2nd Crew

A second crew of volunteers met at another home to help with a number of tasks including:

  • Dig up sticker bushes and sticker trees
  • Cut down dead apricot tree on side of the shed
  • Get rid of pile of tree branches
  • General cleanup.

33 Volunteer hours logged!

June 27; Tree Removal and Summer Yard Projects

Volunteers gathered at a member's home to help with a large project they had recently started.

The Project consisted of:

  • Removing large logs
  • Cutting down small trees
  • Removing a shed
  • General yard cleanup and lawn care

51 Volunteer hours logged!

The Month of June saw a total of 214 volunteer hours logged by the community. Keep up the good work and thank you to everyone who helped!

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