March 2018 Service Projects

March 31, 2018

Volunteer projects were running for four weekends throughout the month of March.

March 3rd; Oven and Dryer Installation & Basement Painting

There were two projects running simultaneously this Saturday with the first being a homeowner who needed some help installing their appliances. They already had an oven and dryer ready, they just needed a few extra hands to help install them.

The second was at another house where volunteers helped the family paint their entire basement.

32 Volunteer hours logged!

March 4th; Moving Desks

Volunteers met after hours to help one of our elderly members move a desk from one room of her work building to the other.

March 17th; Repairing Damaged Floor

Volunteers helped one of our members repair a hole that had recently been made in their floor. They also helped the homeowner cut out and replace the damaged floor board.

12 Volunteer hours logged!

March 24th; Moving Scrap Metal for Elderly Member

Our wonderful volunteers helped one of our elderly members organize his car working yard and haul away the unused scrap metal. They were also able to help with some general yard maintenance.

54 Volunteer hours completed!

March 31st; Property Clean-Up

Large tree removal and general yard cleanup to prepare a property for the new tenants that would be moving in.

21 Volunteer hours logged

Another awesome month for the Service Projects Group. March saw 6 service projects being finished with over 100 hours of volunteer work being logged by the community. Keep up the Good Work!!

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