September 2019 Service Projects

September 30, 2019

September had a total of 5 volunteer projects running throughout the month!

September 2nd; Volunteer Cleanup from Labor Day Fair

After having a wonderful Labor day fair, volunteers were asked to help the Cleanup crew get everything cleaned up and taken care of.

31 Volunteer hours completed!

September 7th; Apartment Cleanup

This week, volunteers worked to clean up the yards surrounding some of the apartments in the Glendale community.

Projects included:

  • General yard cleanup/maintenance
  • Lawn mowing
  • Cleaning the fence line
  • Pulling out junk trees

84 Volunteer hours logged for this project!

September 14th; Yard Cleanup For Moving Family

For this week, volunteers worked to help one of our members pull weeds, trim trees, and landscape the yard for the new house they had just moved into.

26 Volunteer hours were logged for this week!

September 21st; Moving a Shed

Volunteers were asked to help one of our members move her shed a few yards back and also help her out with some yard cleanup.

22 Volunteer hours were logged!

September 28th; Basement Dig Out

A family who just got settled in their new home, asked for help in clearing out their basement and in addition to general yard cleanup.

138 Volunteer hours completed!!

Another successful month for our Service Projects! A total of 301 volunteer hours were logged by the community from the Co-op Service Groups.

A massive thank you to everyone who participated, and keep up the good work!!!

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