September 2020 Service Projects

September 30, 2020

The Service Project's Group had six projects running throughout the month of September

September 5th; Yard Work and Event Setup

The adult children of one of our members sent out a call for volunteers to make a surprise visit at their parents house. The parents were setting up for an event and needed to finish several yard projects before doing so. The group of volunteers came to help with moving yard equipment, landscaping, general outdoor cleanup and setting up for the event.

51 Volunteer Hours Logged!

September 7th; Labor Day Fair

For the annual Labor Day Fair, volunteers came to help the event coordinators with a variety of tasks including:

  • Setting up canopies, tables, chairs, performance stage
  • Hosting game booths
  • Hosting snow cone and other food stations
  • Hosting the front entrance booth
  • Hanging up signs and posters wherever needed
  • Cleaning up after the event

September 8th; Windstorm Call-to-Action

With the massive windstorm that hit the Salt Lake Valley, several trees were toppled over, many of them in the yards of our members. A call was made for volunteers to send help wherever it was needed to cleanup whatever damage was caused.

On the 8th, one of our members had a tree which had fallen onto her driveway and another reported one of their trees falling into their neighbors' yard.

Volunteers came to the first house and completed the project in less than an hour.

Volunteers then went to the 2nd house and were up until 9:30 with flashlights to make sure the tree was removed from the neighbor's property.

16 Volunteer hours logged!

September 9th; Tree Cleanup

Volunteers returned to the house from the previous night to cut up the fallen tree, clean up the yard and take care of any damage that was caused.

16 Volunteer Hours Logged!

September 12th; Fallen Trees in Bountiful

Two of our members living in Bountiful requested help removing the trees that had fallen in their yards as well.

Volunteers first met at the home of one of our elderly members with chainsaws, wheelbarrows and rakes, helping to remove several of the trees that had fallen.

The couple also provided lunch for each of the volunteers.

A group of volunteers then went to the other home to clean up their fallen trees.

189 Volunteer Hours Logged!

September was a great month for the Service Projects Group, especially when the windstorm hit. There was never a lack of volunteers ready to help wherever they were needed.

This month saw at least 272 Volunteer Hours logged by the community! Keep up the Good Work!

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