Perry Lacartus Frandsen

August 17, 1888  to  January 19, 1946

Perry Lacartus Frandsen was born August 17, 1888 in Mount Pleasant to Erastus and Annice Frandsen.  He was the 5th of 18 children 12 of which were boys and 6 girls. He married Cora Lapreal Heaton on April 4, 1912 and together they had 7 children while living in Firth, Idaho.

Perry and Cora Lapreal Frandsen Wedding Photo

In 1935, Charles Kingston was having several cottage meetings in Burke Frandsen’s home (who was Perry’s brother), and they invited Perry to attend these meetings.  Perry agreed with many of their beliefs and after personally meeting Elden Kingston, he and his wife decided to move their family down to Bountiful.  They joined the DCCS on June 8, 1935.  Perry's daughter Vivian later joined the Co-op with her husband Burton Dye.  Perry's 2 younger children, Miles Frandsen (age 12) and Donna Frandsen Judd (age 10) joined with their parents.

Perry was known for his love of horses and he enjoyed managing the Co-op’s Wyoming Farm for a while.  While working on the ranch a man from the Co-op named Harry Defa brought him the tools he needed to work with the horses.  Perry was thrilled to be able to have the right tools to do his job correctly.  

Perry had a weak heart through most of his adult life and his wife worried several times that he would die from a heart attack.

In 1945, Perry's son Miles was drafted into World War II.  Only a few months later, in May 1945, they received word that Miles had been killed in Okinawa.

After a few years in Wyoming, Perry and his wife moved back to Bountiful and Perry got a job as a “Rowley Man,” where he would sell and deliver cleaning products.  One afternoon on January 19, 1946, he had just left a home after delivering some products and his car stalled on a railroad track crossing.  An empty passenger train came around the corner hitting his car and scattering the cleaning products and car debris everywhere.  The impact killed Perry instantly.  The man who he had just delivered products to saw the accident happen and said the train never blew their whistle to alert anyone they were coming.  

Perry is buried at the Bountiful Memorial Internment Park.

News Article about Perry's Car Accident and Death
Perry & Cora Lapreal Frandsen's Headstone

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