Goals for Our Communities

  1. Live up to a high standard of excellence and service in our communities.  Be a light on a hill.
  2. Protect children and vulnerable individuals from abuse.
  3. Protect parent's rights to teach their families the principles they hold dear.
  4. Educate plural families on their rights and give them a voice to affect change.
  5. Promote peaceful coexistence with the state and our communities.
  6. Protect the rights of plural families and their children to access Free Appropriate Public Education.
  7. Stop the persecution of plural families.
  8. Give our people back their citizenship.
  9. Form legislative / political action committees to protect the rights of our communities.
  10. Give us the right to representation in government when the decisions affect our own communities. Don't make decisions about us, without us.
  11. Coordinate efforts between different plural communities and traditions.
  12. Create a positive representation in the media.

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