Accounting Program, Student at Salt Lake Community College

Accounting Program, Student at Salt Lake Community College

December 1, 2022

My son was attending SLCC taking Accounting. During the class, the professor accused my son and other DCCS members of cheating when they had not cheated. Later, when other Vanguard students attended her class, a couple of members of Vanguard's staff went to talk to her about their students. They reported she was very biased about the success of our high school students, despite being the designated concurrent enrollment professor for Accounting.

In another incident, my daughter was taking her class and talked to her about the notes she had prepared for the class. The professor recommended she add an item that was missing from her notes. After the test, when my daughter submitted her notes. The teacher accused her of cheating because she had the item on her notes that the teacher recommended. She gave many of our students a hard time and falsely accused them of cheating.

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