Medical Student at the University of Utah

Medical Student at the University of Utah

December 15, 2022

The following is an experience of one of our members had while attending the University of Utah

At college my professor opened up the first day of class with a huge alleged pedigree chart on the board talking about the DCCS and how all of their people were stupid and falsely alleging almost all children in the DCCS were born with birth defects or genetic disorders. Though he dedicated that first day of class to this for some unknown reason, he said nothing more during the course of the year and he later commended me as his “best student”, allowing me to stay late in his lab working on experiments and trusting me to close the lab at the end of the day. He also wrote me a letter of recommendation. He did not know I was part of the DCCS.  Based on his demonstrated bias & past experiences, I think he would have judged me differently if he had known.

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