2021 Legislative Special Session Bill Changes

November 10, 2021

The Utah State Legislature met in November for their Second Special Session of 2021. Of the 12 bills passed, nearly half of them addressed the issue of redistricting Utah's legislative boundaries. Below are a few of the highlights from this session:

  • HB 2001: Dixie State University changed their name to Utah Tech University

  • SB 2003S01: Bill was passed to extend the deadline for the redesign of the Utah State Flag.

  • SB 2004S02 Workplace COVID-19 Amendments: Requires Utah businesses to relieve their employees of a COVID-19 vaccination mandate under certain conditions.
    It requires an employer to pay for their employees' COVID-19 testing. In addition, this bill prohibits employers from implementing adverse action against employees who claim relief from the vaccine and prohibits employers from keeping a record of employees' proof of vaccination.

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