Lawyer Turned TV Producer Revives Failed Lawsuit, This Time in Federal Court

March 4, 2024

Laywer-turned-tv-producer Roger Hoole has refiled his clients’ salacious made for TV lawsuit following a failed attempt in 2022 that was dropped after only 5 months. 

Hoole's second try, this time in federal court, features six of the original plaintiffs while four of the original ten have been replaced with new names. 

An audio recording of Jeremy Roberts, one of the original plaintiffs missing from the latest suit, surfaced on YouTube where he apparently claims Amanda Grant and others were, “using the fact that their parents are polygamists to win their way or get what they want.” 

Claims by Roberts and others in the failed 2022 lawsuit were problematic and many are notably missing from the latest court filing.

Hoole is known for his associations with Baptist activist Tonia Tewell whose alleged “Mormon rescues” and forced conversions are well known among fundamentalist communities. The two have teamed up in the Netflix special Keep Sweet, as well as Tewell's unsuccessful campaign to shut down Vanguard Academy charter school “because of their association with the DCCS.” GRAMA requests filed with the USCB show former USCB executive director Jennifer Lambert was in frequent contact with Tewell as she took steps to deprive Vanguard students of their college credits because of their parents' religion.

See: Jordan School District Employee, Activists, Seek to Exclude Children of Plural Families from Higher Education

Tewell and Hoole have hosted sponsorship auctions for women from the FLDS, parading them like cattle in front of potential donors after dismantling their family and support structures.

Hoole's latest lawsuit appears to be another frivolous ploy to get to his next payout for his clients (and himself).

Click here to see a response Hoole’s failed 2022 lawsuit:

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