Utah GOP Primary Voting Recommendations

June 20, 2024

Utah (GOP) Republican Primary voting has begun by mail in ballot. The last day to vote in this year's primary is Tuesday, June 25.

You must be a registered Republican to vote in the Republican primary.

Every election season, members of our community watch closely for issues that affect their livelihood and their rights.

When religious zealots campaigned to deprive our children of an education, most incumbents were silent.

From our surveys, the top issues in the community were as follows:

  1. Individual & Plural Family Rights
    • Right to employment without discrimination
    • Right to an education for our children.
    • Right to marry and associate between consenting adults
    • Right to representation in government and society
  2. Social Issues
    • On the whole, most surveyed leaned conservative or libertarian
    • Smaller government, lower taxes
    • Conservative Christian values when it comes to social issues
  3. Peaceful coexistence
  4. Personal character of the individuals holding office

Every year our community sways or changes the outcome in a number of close elections. We encourage everyone to vote their conscience in the ballot box.

DCCSOCIETY.ORG Recommendations for Utah GOP Primaries:

Federal Offices:

US Senate:

Trent Staggs

US House 1:

Blake Moore

US House 2:

Colby Jenkins

US House 3:

Mike Kennedy

State Offices:

Utah Governor:

Phil Lyman

Attorney General:

Frank Demcy Mylar


Ricky Hatch

Utah State Senate

Utah Senate District 8:

Todd Weiler

Utah Senate District 15:

Steve Aste

Utah Senate District 16:

Wayne Harper

Utah Senate District 22:

Heidi Balderee

Utah Senate District 29:

<no recommendation>

Utah State House

Utah House District 11: Katy Hall

Utah House District 16: Trevor Lee

Utah House District 17: Jennifer Garner

Utah House District 19: Tenna Hartman

Utah House District 21: Taylor Aaron Bunot

Utah House District 30: Fred Cox

Utah House District 39: <no recommendation>

Utah House District 42: Clint Okerlund

Utah House District 45: Rich Cunningham

School Board:

Utah Board of Education

District 3: Rod Hall

District 7: Kris Kimball

District 10: Monica Wilbur

District 13: Cari Bartholomew

District 15: Joann Brinton

Salt Lake County Council:

SL Count D2: Carlos Moreno

SL Count D4: Roger Livingston

SL Count D6: Dea Theadore

SL Count At Large: Rachelle Morris

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