Complaints filed with the Utah Bar Association in an attempt to stop individuals from Plural Families from practicing Law

April 17, 2019

Melissa Ellis, a former member of the DCCS, has filed a complaint with the Utah State Bar for 7 attorneys she alleges are practicing plural marriage.  Her compliant is an attempt to stop individuals from plural families from being eligible to practice law in Utah.  

Ms. Ellis is in an on-going custody dispute with her ex-husband, they have 4 children together.  Two of the attorneys in Ms. Ellis' complaint have represented her husband at one point or another in the custody dispute.

Attorneys we spoke to in the Co-op stated that the State Bar is "the wrong forum for a complaint of this nature."  The Utah State Bar is tasked with addressing issues pertaining to professional ethics, and ethical handling of cases of law.  This issue is beyond the scope of the Utah State Bar’s purpose.

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