DCCS Responds to CBS 'Whistleblower' claims

May 31, 2019

Bryan Nelson and Mary Nelson appeared on an episode of CBS' "Whistleblower" making allegations of fraud, improper financial and business practices, incest, underage marriages, and more.  Bryan, a non-member, began a relationship with Mary against her parents wishes when she was 16 and Bryan was 26.

In response to the Nelson's claims the DCCS states:

DCCS Press Response:

- The Washakie Renewable Energy case.  The Order’s response to government’s allegations.

The Davis County Cooperative Society (DCCS) condemns in the strongest terms fraudulent business practices and stresses that this behavior goes completely against our beliefs and principles.  We cannot and will not condone or support anyone found to be engaged in the behavior alleged in the pending case.  

Business owners who are members of the Davis County Cooperative have the autonomy to make their own business decisions.  Members are encouraged to conduct business in a fair and lawful manner through every facet of their activity.

Additionally, we urge both member and non-member business owners to fulfill their civic and ethical obligations to the communities they serve and to abide by the law.

We acknowledge the presumption of innocence and encourage all parties to comply with lawful orders of the court and allow the case to proceed in a lawful manner.

- Employment policies and practices in The Order.

Employers are encouraged to treat employees fairly and ethically.  As is mentioned above, employers are urged strongly to abide by the law.  Any employees, members or their associates who become aware of any unlawful activity are encouraged to promptly correct any impropriety.

DCCS members in the workforce are educated in their fields.  We encourage employers to enact policies and practices within their organizations that further the growth of our members personally and professionally.

- The Order and their various business, including financial policies and practices.

As is mentioned in the DCCS Articles of Incorporation, “We believe that all who choose to do so should have the opportunity to engage in productive enterprises suitable to their capacity and training, and likewise, to receive the benefits from the same.  We propose to promote the economic welfare of the membership and increase their talents and abilities by utilizing their united funds and efforts for the purchase, distribution and production of commodities and performance of service in their interest in the most economical way.  We propose that the individual shall have every possible advantage and opportunity for community service so as to merit and receive the loyalty, patronage and backing of the community he is pledged to serve.”  (DCCS; Articles of Incorporation 5A, 1941)

- Social Aspects of The Order, including marriage practices.

Although the DCCS has not taken a stance on marriage, we believe marriage should be conducted within the legal age of consent. Additionally, we believe that personal relationships between consenting parties should not be regulated by the state so long as they are not coerced and are entered into by the free agency of both parties.

Marriage is a cornerstone of our social fabric and stable relationships bring stability to our society as a whole.  It is a lifelong personal decision and should not be coerced.  An individual should be well informed to make a mature and thoughtful decision before entering into marriage.

- Previous convictions of members of The Order.

We believe it is the obligation of each individual to be subject to the government authority under which they reside.  We respect the right of the judicial system to judge individuals in civil and criminal matters.  Although this judgement has not always been applied equitably to many disadvantaged populations, including our own, we feel it important to abide peaceably with lawful orders of the courts and to exercise proper channels of appeal whenever necessary.

DCCS members and their peers have one of the lowest crime rates of any population in existence today including a lower rate of criminal and civil judgments against them at every classification level and in every jurisdiction our members reside.

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