Former Washakie Renewable Energy Executives Sentenced to Prison

April 7, 2023

Former executives of Washakie Renewable Energy were sentenced to prison this week. Jacob Kingston along with his wife Sally, mother Rachel and brother Isaiah, all pleaded guilty in 2019 to crimes related to the company’s scheme to defraud the federal government of bio-fuel credits. Jacob was sentenced to 18 years in prison, while Sally, Rachel, and Isaiah were sentenced to 6 years, 7 years, and 12 years respectively, each in separate hearings.

A fifth defendant, Lev Derman was found guilty in 2020 at a trial where prosecutors described Derman as the “mastermind” of the scheme that eventually led to the downfall of the high-profile company. Derman was sentenced Friday to 40 years in prison.

DCCS Press Response:

"The Davis County Cooperative Society (DCCS) re-affirms our condemnation in the strongest terms any fraudulent business practices and stresses that this behavior goes completely against our beliefs and principles. We cannot and will not condone or support the actions of anyone found to be engaged in illegal or fraudulent business practices.

It is clear the defendants in the WRE case broke from DCCS tradition in many ways and that DCCS members as a whole find these actions to be repugnant, immoral, and completely contrary to our values.

Business owners who are members of the Davis County Cooperative have the autonomy to make their own business decisions, however, members are encouraged to conduct business in a fair and lawful manner through every facet of their activity.

Members found to be in violation of lawful business practices face varying levels of DCCS sanctions in addition to any penalties they may receive from the judicial system."

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