Government files forfeiture action against properties with alleged ties to WRE

August 2, 2019

Federal Prosecutors have filed a notice of their intent to seize properties it alleges have ties to the WRE fraud case.

DCCS Press Response:

It is clear the defendants in the WRE case broke from DCCS tradition in many ways and that DCCS members as a whole find the actions charged to be repugnant, immoral and that they go completely against what we stand for.  We continue to stress to our members our strong condemnation of the actions plead to in the case.  

While we are just becoming aware of the full details of the plea deals, it is apparent that there are many properties listed in the government action that clearly have nothing to do with WRE or the defendants in this case.

We support the judicial system and encourage property owners to fight any unfair targeting of their properties through lawful orders of the court.

We are confident that ongoing court proceedings and the judicial process will clarify those properties for which there is no connection to the case.

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