Brother Elden's Rules for Success

C. Elden Kingston

Brother Elden’s

Rules for Success

  • To be able to carry money without spending it.
  • To bear an injustice without retaliating.
  • To be able to do ones duty when not watched.
  • To be able to make use of criticism.
  • To be able to keep at a job until finished.
  • Seeing wealth without coveting it.
  • Seeing happiness without envying the happy.
  • Seeing rejoicing without sneering at the joyful.
  • Seeing honor without being cynical.
  • Being insulted without retaliating.
  • Being ignored without worrying, that is self mastery.
  • We should study good men more and envy them less.
  • Man is not hurt so much by what happens, but by his opinion of what happens.

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