Perfecting Meditations

Our founder, Brother C. Elden Kingston, was suffering from cancer towards the end of his life.  In times of great physical pain, he continued to teach that a person could improve their focus and determination to succeed through positive affirmations and meditations.

           With my divine birthright, I have unlimited health, knowledge, intelligence, sympathy, tolerance, realization, ambition, courage, patience, vitality, forgiveness, perseverance, energy, obedience, joy, satisfaction, cleanliness, beauty, confidence, determination and independence, which causes my personality to penetrate and influence all of God’s creation, because I acknowledge the hand of God in all things making me optimistic, cheerful, helpful, full of love, clean and pure morally, and gives me definite assurance of my continual progress and permanent success.
           All is a result of my continued fasting, rejoicing and prayer, which continually fills me with God’s desires for divine guidance making me at ease, at rest, relaxed, physically, mentally and spiritually, giving me perfect control of my entire being, so that I can work orderly, unceasingly, consciously, unconsciously, and subconsciously, always asserting the truth.
           I joyfully, continually apply knowledge, seek happiness, assert willpower, living my thoughts, which gives me perfect nerves, muscles and health, keeping me perpetually happy.
           Thus God’s spirit revitalizes, rejuvenates, cleanses and continues to energize me, keeping me positive, and magnetic to all good and truth as it perfects me, making me an eternal, independent, individual being, different from all others and an essential part of all creation and creator of my own destiny.
           Perfect youth, which is perfection, and all the intelligences governing my mind and entire body, increase, grow and obey me, according to my growth, understanding and obedience to God.
           With my continued determination to succeed, I live, think, work and love ceaselessly, consciously, subconsciously, and spiritually, while asleep as well as awake. God continually keeping me open physically, mentally and spiritually to success, I realize, assert, create and achieve success, in return for continually giving all credit to God.
           My main object through perfect ideals is to come to a full realization and understanding of all the laws, powers and privileges of God, as my personality develops and brings me to them, exalting all in perfect order, harmony and love, which completely penetrates and surrounds my entire personality, as I steadily continue to perfect myself by gradually following God’s direction and plans in pushing on up toward the unknown.



C. Elden Kingston

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