Love Your Work

To love work because of what it can do for mankind makes the doer happy as well as free.

If you work with a will to reach perfection, with a fixed and unselfish purpose to lead and benefit others, you become an instrument through whom the time you labor is changed and becomes a part of the harmony of the Universe. The MUSIC OF THE SOUL.

To learn to love work as a means to greater and more efficient service is as a mountain top from which we can view and understand life's rarest and most valuable secret. The secret by which we find that careful, efficient and dependable labor is changed and becomes the highest type of love. LOVE IN ACTION.

I am reminded of a farmer who was viewing a newly plowed field, who observed that the furrows were so straight and even that it must have been a master plowman that made it that way. The joy of the viewer and the satisfaction that was the plow man's became an eternal thing in the character of both of them as an example that can be copied and handed down as a chain reaction that could last forever. That plow man's manifestation of his great love for his job and of his soul's LOVE IN ACTION became a HOLY THING.

SELFLESS SERVICE or LOVE IN ACTION places a halo not only over the head of the doer but also over the appreciative and thankful receiver. It is the only thing that can and will bring peace on Earth and good will to mankind.

This is the ETERNAL FORCE that will bring His part of the harmony of the universe to mankind. Making him an ETERNAL part of that universal force.


- Charles W. Kingston

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