Modern Economics

Ardous Kingston Gustafson

Modern Economics

Ardous Kingston Gustafson 1935

Mourning is among the people.

Much sorrow is known in the land.

Many are dying of hunger.

Affliction is seen on each hand.


Why is there such a condition

When the earth is full and to spare?

Have hearts grown cold in the making?

For our brothers do we not care?


Why should men be paid money

To cease to raise part of their crop

When people are weak from hunger

And will starve if the relief stop


Why is our wheat to the bottom?

Even less than one cent a pound.

Because of over-production

The market has become unsound.


Aren’t we brothers and sisters

All working toward the same end.

To enjoy life to the fullest

Our spare time in pleasure to spend.


When our years of life are ended,

We again return to the earth.

Kings,rulers, princes, and paupers

Are of no different rank or worth.

Each returns to the elements.

Kings become no super-kind

Of dust to help vegetation

Though his tomb in splendor is lined.


Each person comes into this world

And leaves it in the self-same way.

Wealth insures us no lease on life.

We cannot lengthen our stay.

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