New Year Meeting

Ardous Kingston Gustafson

New Year Meeting

Ardous Kingston Gustafson
Read New Year’s Meeting 1936

One year of the Kingdom is passed and gone.

One year of progress has been added on.


Do you think this year has been well spent?

Have our hearts been touched so we would repent?


Have we gained the things which we might have gained?

By our acts is our Father pleased or pained?


We’ve passed through a very eventful year.

To Earth has returned a prophet and seer.


The Heavens again are opened to man.

God’s servant is teaching the gospel plan.


Rejoice all ye people break forth into song.

The Lord has sent you one Mighty and Strong.


One mighty in word and deed and speech.

And by the Spirit of Truth he doth teach.


Let’s thank our Maker on bended knee.

Our leader has been given the key.


To set up the Kingdom in these last days.

So eternal life could send forth its rays.

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