What Would Mama Do?

Ardous Kingston Gustafson

What Would Mama Do?

Ilona Kingston, 2012

Our Mama was a peacemaker.

So gentle through and through.

Whenever there was conflict.

She knew just what to do.


She was always helping others

When they were hurt or sick.

And many times in dealings,

She took the short end of the stick.


But she didn’t complain or argue.

The unfairness we could see.

It really doesn’t matter,

She’d say it’s fair to me.


She told us it won’t hurt you,

To go the extra mile.

As long as you stay on His path,

And do it with a smile.

She didn’t have it easy,

But she never did complain

We owe it all to Mama,

Whatever success we gain.


When she went to her final resting place,

Her works were sorely missed.

And when the honorable names were read,

Her name was on the list.


Sometimes we hear her famous words,

It’s going to be okay

We realize she is up there,

Making it just that way.


And when we’re up against a wall,

And the world comes crashing through.

We don’t get upset; we ask ourselves

Just what would Mama do.

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