Man charged with hate crime released, charges dismissed

August 23, 2022

A man who was charged with a hate crime earlier this month has been released from Salt Lake County jail, and charges against him have been dismissed.  Hayden Perry Stowell, was arrested Saturday August 13 and held for 9 days before being released Monday August 22. The District Attorney’s office dismissed all charges against Stowell in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity.

DCCSOCIETY.ORG has learned additional details surrounding the alleged hate crimes reported against a gay couple from Sandy on July 30, and a second incident on August 13.

In the initial incident, a 17-year-old male allegedly confronted the couple, yelling disrespectful slurs and eventually punching one individual. The sister of the victim tracked down the teen and when he and his mother returned to apologize to the couple, he was detained by police and later charged for the incident. We have not named the alleged attacker because he is a minor.

Two weeks later, on August 13, an individual was captured on a doorbell camera at the home of the initial victim, vandalizing Pride flags, and damaging a flagpole. The victim’s mother called police and gave the video to detectives. Activists against the DCCS came forward falsely identifying the man on the video as Stowell.

A video, reportedly posted by an anonymous user on reddit, claims to show the second incident. Anyone with information regarding the identity of the individual responsible for the second attack is encouraged to contact Sandy police, 801-799-3000.

The original AP news article can be found here.

The DCCS unequivocally condemns any hateful or retaliatory acts.

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