Classic and Inspirational Content for Co-op Members

One Hundred Years Ago

A poem written by Janet Grow about her Grandmother Lucy Whitmill

Our Dad Poem

Poem written by Ilona Kingston in 1995

Letter of Love and Advice, Brother Charles Kingston

To my sons and daughters and to their children and children's children, where ever you may reside or make your home. To each and every one, including those yet to appear on this scene of action known as God's Footstool.

Brother Elden's Rules for Success

"Man is not hurt so much by what happens, but by his opinion of what happens." - C. Elden Kingston

Perfecting Meditations

Our founder, Brother C. Elden Kingston, was suffering from cancer towards the end of his life. In times of great physical pain, he continued to teach that a person could improve their focus and determination to succeed through positive affirmations and meditations.

Sister Vesta Stowell Kingston's example of Charity, Integrity and Dedication

A mother to all who knew her, Vesta Stowell Kingston was the perfect example of charity, honesty, and hard work.

New Year Meeting

Poem written by Ardous Kingston Gustafson, Read New Year’s Meeting 1936

Modern Economics

Poem written by Ardous Kingston Gustafson in 1935

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